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Life Recovered Personal REtreats 
-Scheduled at various times throughout the year – or we will plan one in your area. Contact our office for more information.
-Get away to focus on a well balanced approach in the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and relational aspects of life.  Learning to take care of yourself – body, mind and spirit – in order to avoid burnout, alleviate stress and anxiety and be more effective in ministry. 
Reacquire   Reaffirm   Realign
Rearrange  Reassign   Reassure
Reawaken   Reboot   Rebuild
Recharge   Reclaim   Recommit
Reconfirm   Redeem   Redesign 
Redevelop  Reembrace   Reenforce 
Reengage  Reexamine   Refuel 
Refurbish   Regain   Regroup
Reestablish   Reignite   Reinforce
Rejoice   Rekindle   Release
Reload   Remodel   Renew
Renovate   Repair   Repent
Replenish   Reshape   Resharpen
Resolve   Respond   Restart
Restore   Revaluate   Revamp
Reveal   Receive   Redefine
Redirect   Reframe   Regroup
Reignite   Remember   Remove
Replace   Review   Recover