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Each day try one of these productive coping skills.

Give them a try and see if they help you cope well in the midst of challenging days/experiences.

Coping Well

30 Productive Coping Skills

  1. Practice breathing-in through your nose, out through your mouth for one minute.
  2. Listen to uplifting or inspirational music
  3. Pet your cat or dog
  4. Sit in the sun and close your eyes
  5. Listen to inspirational podcasts
  6. Write yourself an encouraging note and carry it in your pocket
  7. Go for a brisk 10 minute walk
  8. Call a friend
  9. Invite a friend over
  10. Write positive affirmations on note cards and place where you can see them often
  11. Go outside and listen to nature
  12. Work in the garden or flower bed
  13. Plant a flower in a pot
  14. Journal
  15. Make a gratitude list
  16. Swim, run, jog, hike
  17. Smell a flower and touch the petals
  18. Write something positive about yourself for every letter of the alphabet. Decorate it and hang it where you will see it everyday
  19. Write a letter to someone
  20. Offer to walk a neighbor’s dog or go to a shelter and play with dogs/cats.
  21. Draw a cheerful picture outside with sidewalk chalk
  22. Pray
  23. Print your favorite Bible verse on a card and memorize it
  24. Decorate your mirror with positive affirmations and your favorite photos
  25. Write a thank you note to your best friend
  26. Go for a walk and take pictures of flowers; challenge yourself to find 15 different kinds
  27. Play a board game with a friend or sibling
  28. Write a list of compliments about a friend and give it to them
  29. Write an inspirational quote on your mirror with an erasable marker
  30. Work out